It has definitely improved my awareness and improved the quality of my life.
-Dr Supriya McKenna  (See other course feedback)

7-Weeks to Resilience and Wellbeing

Wellbeing Berkshire 6-Element Model of Performance, Resilience & WellbeingTo be confirmed – face to face and live Online – interested?  Drop me a note

Energy, happiness, engagement and motivation among other characteristics might be considered outcomes of high wellbeing and resilience – you might also say they’re ways of describing them.

This course approaches wellbeing and resilience with a holistic hat on – bringing in both physical and mental aspects, with a range of topics from mastery to emotion.  It allows you to target your improvements from multiple angles and with different approaches, discovering your own path to higher wellbeing and resilience – which may well bring more energy, happiness, engagement and motivation for the things that are important in your life.

For two hours a week over seven weeks, we’ll look at practical ways of enhancing wellbeing and resilience, using our 6-Element Model, informed by modern empirical science, to create useful change in your approach to everyday life. Each week, I’ll suggest exercises or experiments you can undertake to discover the approaches that work for you.  The sessions are a mix of exercises, conversation and concepts designed to make the theory real and practical.

Book on the course or contact Mark if you have questions.

This seven week course has been exceptionally good.
-Solome  (See other course feedback)

Start date: TBC – Drop me a note if you’re interested

Time: 19.30 until 21.30

Venue: Live Online

Cost of course: £255 (£245 for those who have been on my mindfulness course, or repeating this course)

Optional add-on: Add a one-to-one session with an Individual Lifestyle Assessment at half-price as a course attendee for £180 £90

Course outline

  • Module 1 (5th May) – The Core: Understanding wellbeing & resilience
  • Module 2 (12th May) – What’s the Meaning?  Our why
  • Module 3 (19th May) – Working with Emotion: Our internal climate control
  • Module 4 (26th May) – Awareness: The start of change and choice
    • (One week gap)
  • Module 5 (2nd Jun) – Moving to Mastery: How we make our contribution
  • Module 6 (9th Jun) – Physiology: Keeping the body in mind
  • Module 7 (16th Jun) – From micro to macro: What now?

Here are 22 of the topics we cover in the course:

  1. What are resilience and wellbeing
  2. How willpower and motivation impact us, and using alternative approaches to achievement
  3. Understanding habit development and change
  4. How the stories we tell ourselves impact us
  5. Finding meaning and purpose
  6. Two very different ways of measuring wellbeing
  7. The value of emotion
  8. Models of understanding emotion
  9. Impact of wellbeing on emotion
  10. Developing emotional skills and emotional intelligence
  11. Managing or regulating emotion
  12. Understanding attention and awareness
  13. How attention impacts learning
  14. Brain regions and attention – frontal, left and right
  15. What is mastery
  16. Models of expertise
  17. What are mindsets and impact on learning and stress
  18. Key elements of physical wellbeing
  19. Approaches to good sleep
  20. Approaches to good diet
  21. Approaches to staying active
  22. How the six-element model combines to support performance, resilience and wellbeing

CPD Standards Office Accereditation for Reach Remarkable Ltd7-Weeks to Performance, Resilience and Wellbeing has been accredited by the CPD Standards Office and counts 16.45 hours towards CDP requirements.

Book on the course or contact Mark if you have questions.

An extensively researched and well organised course, presented in an engaging way…
M. Chadwick  (See other course feedback)


Are there ID requirements or an age limit to enter the event?

The course is open to anyone aged 18 years or over.

Where can I contact the organiser with any questions?

If you have further questions, do get in touch using one of the options on our Contact Me page.

What if there is a week I can’t make it?

If we know you can’t make a particular week, we can ensure that you still received the notes for that week, along with the exercises. Sometimes it’s even possible to join the training online using Skype. So, don’t worry too much if you know there is one week you can’t make. If it’s two or more weeks I can’t make? Generally, it’s a good idea to book on the following course – but, every situation is different, so do contact Mark to discuss; for example it may be possible to book a number of one-to-one sessions to cover the content you won’t be able to make.

Can I reserve a place on the course?

You’re welcome to reserve a place with a deposit of £40, which will hold the place until 7 days before the course.  So we ask for full payment at least 7 days prior to the course.

Can I pay by…?

Our default payment model is credit card (using Stripe).  However, if you would like to pay by bank transfer, cheque, or even cash you have the option to specify this on the payment page, and we’ll be happy to arrange it with you.

What is the refund policy?

A full refund is available if you choose to cancel your attendance 4 or more days before the first training session, and a 60% refund right up until the first session. A full refund is also available if you attend the first training session and decide that the course is not for you – just let us know within 24 hours of the first session.

What size is the class?

The course is run with a small group, a maximum of 8 people, and minimum of 5.

What are the computer / technical requirements to attend?

Some of the class content is provided on the internet (via this website) – so access to the internet is the only requirement.

Book on the course or contact Mark if you have questions.

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