I love what I do, and I think that makes a difference.  But the most important thing is the impact for the people that come on the courses!  You can only find out for sure how valuable any course will be by attending, but it might be useful to see what other people thought… so here are comments that previous course attendees have given me permission to share.

I really enjoyed the course. There was so much to think about and lots of new concepts, which will be very useful going forwards. I could easily do the course again and still get lots out of it. Highly recommended!


Very interesting – has definitely improved my awareness and improved the quality of my life.

Dr Supriya McKenna

The course shone a spotlight on myself, how I perceive myself and how I really am. My mindfset changed massively over the course.


This course has helped me to grow more resilience as a person and a professional. I’ve already seen changes in my relationships, both romantic, with family and in work. This course has been so helpful and has shown me how to care for myself and prepare for lifes hardships.


Very insightful. Made my think about how I react to myself and others around me. Thanks!


Fantastic course. Lots of depth, and really useful in everyday life.

This seven week course has been exceptionally good.  I have learnt many things about my own wellbeing & resilience, what builds and affects it and how I can protect and nurture myself going forward.

– Salomé

Facinating and really motivating!

An extensively researched and well organised course.  Presented in a very engaging manner, Mark facilitates and encourages the active participation of all attendees, including contributions by individuals to group discussions.  This course has been both informative and enjoyable.  I would recommend it to everybody.

– M. Chadwick

Mark runs the kind of courses you just can’t seem to get anywhere else.  Evidence-based learning and discussion that leads to real insight and the possibility of change.  He is a fantastic course leader with a great combination of knowledge, skill and humanity.  And it’s fun!  I thoroughly recommend this course.

Very enjoyable and welcoming course, discussing all aspects of wellbeing and resilience. I would highly recommend it.

– Janet Buckingham

This is avery well run course, delivered in a very thorough and professional way. Mark is an excellent presenter who is extreamemly passionate about what he’s teaching and really does ‘walk the talk’! He also cares about his participants, really wants them to develop and grow in resilience and wellbeing. He really wants to make a difference!

– Pauline

Really useful course with lots of evidence-based strategies on how to increase your wellbeing and resilience. If you practice these strategies, you will notice the difference it makes in your life. Discussing things in a group has been very interesting and valuable – much better then struggling on your own.

– Ingrid

An incredibly thought provoking course, with life long lesson to take away, from an incredible trainer.

– Charlotte Tickner

This course provided so much useful information. Content is amazing, really practical things your can apply to your life.

This course is very valuable and helpful, it really makes you think about life and how we live it. I would recommend this course. Thank you Mark

– Ann Allen

I’ve also been running open 8-Week Mindfulness courses for a few years (see Mindfulness Berkshire), itself a great approach to resilience and wellbeing, so I thought it might be useful to see some of the feedback from those courses:

The benefits of the course have been far-reaching and have had an impact on all aspects of my life.  Mark is incredibly friendly and has a relaxing presence which makes every session enjoyable.

– Lindsay

With the pace of life as hectic as it is today, you owe it to yourself to remember that you are a Human Being, not a Human Doing.  Mark Quirk’s 8 Week Mindfulness course will nourish your very wellbeing…

– Geoff

This is a fantastic investment. I have fundamentally changed the way I think about and approach life. The pace and structure of the course is spot on, a perfect balance of information and practise.

This course has been life-changing. I am converted to mindfulness for life. Mark is extremely knowledgeable, kind and encouraging… I recommend him highly.

– Ingrid

This course has given me the tools to live a more fulfilling life.  Thank you Mark!

– Jarrett

The course joined a lot of fragments in my life allowing me to understand myself, and human beings generally, better. It has given me an abilty to deal with occasional feelings of anxiousness, and greatly increased my self-confidence and sense of vitality. It has been one of, if not the best investments in my life.

– Chris

I have benefitted hugely from attending this course. I feel calmer and often able to respond to situations better rather that a knee jerk reaction.

– Barbara

It’s like learning to swim; you can read about it, but it’s not the same as practicing. And once you start practicing and get a hang of it, it’s amazing and life changing.

– Ramesh

I would strongly recommend this course to everybody living in our mad, mad world.

– Mary

I found the course life-changing and benefited from it in my daily life pretty much from week 1.

This course took me on a journey, or should I say it has started me on a journey. Over the 8 weeks I have begun to notice reactions, and have a tool to decide to alter these, should I wish.
Relaxed, friendly, unthreatening. I would recommend it to others. No regrets.

– Joanna

This is a life changing course. Mark is gentle and accomplished leader through the (sometimes) complicated working of our minds – I have more understanding and feel more joy and acceptance. Thank you.

– Elspeth

Each individual will take away different learnings from this course – it is so individual!  I took away so much, a lot of which was different to my expectations.  A very beneficial introduction to mindfulness which I hope I’ll further build into my daily life to improve my wellbeing.

– Michelle

This course has helped me develop good foundations for a life-long skill.

– Helen

I really enjoyed each step along the way – without realising it, mindfulness has started to creep into my everyday life. Mark is very charismatic and professional leader of the sessions – he allowed our group to wander down any avenues necessary each week – whilst keeping us moving forward.

– Jackie

Provides you with a solid grounding in Mindfulness and the right tools to practice for life.It’s changed the way I look at things and challenged me to break some unhelpful habits!

– Steph

If you are feeling overwhelmed with life, mentally exhausted and getting to the point of feeling numb – then this is the course for you. The courses teaches you how to ‘be’ with life and how to look after yourself and your mental well-being. It’s not heavy at all, but somehow teaches you a different way of looking at being with what life throws at you. You won’t regret going on it!

– Maria

The course has given me a greater and wider understanding of mindfulness and it’s different meditations that can be used in different situations. Mark is knowledgeable and passionate about teaching and created a safe, relaxing atmosphere for the group to openly talk through our experiences of the course and time in between!

– Alison

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